Loan for Supplementing Working Capital

1.   Facility features

Timely feeding working capital needs for the business of production, sales, service etc…
Competitive credit rate.
Simple and fast procedure helps customers save time in transactions.
Simple conditions and documents required.
Facility available in diverse forms of product.
Flexible measures of security.
Our professional and experienced staff will offer free advices and recommend clients to choose the most efficient loan proposals.

2.   Subject customers

Subject customers include Vietnamese individuals and households.

3.   Purpose

Additional working capital deficiency in the production, sales and service.

4.   Tenor

Defined on the basis of business cycle, return schedule on capital invested of the business plan, the repayment capacity of customer.
Tenor limit as short-term loan (12 months).

5.   Lending methods

Loan disbursement to be made one-off on actual case by case or
Loan disbursement to be made upon credit limit approved
Loan disbursement to be made upon standby credit limit approved

6.   Repayment schedule

Interest paid monthly.
Principal paid on the maturity date.

7.   Loan conditions

Individuals must be legally eligible, entitled to civil capacity and responsibilities in compliance with the prevailing laws.
Customers must show proof of residents such as permanent or temporarily long-term residential registration (KT3) in the same areas where SAIGONBANK offices (Head Office or branch or transaction office) are located.
Purpose of loan utilization must be legal.
Customers must show sufficient financial capability to fulfill their repayment commitments.
Customers must prove their tentative business projects to be effective, feasible and compliant with the prevailing laws of Viet Nam 
Customers must fulfill the requirement of loan security per SAIGONBANK’s loan policy.

8.    Loan security

Security may be in forms of deposit, mortgage, pledge, guarantee and other security measures in compliance with the prevailing laws.

9.    Credit rate

Per SAIGONBANK’s loan policy published in each period.

10.  Credit limit

Determined on the basis of various factors including total necessary capital upon the project scale, the value of loan security items, customers’ demand, their own capital invested in the project / plan, and their repayment capability.

11.  Lending currency


12.  Loan application file

Legal documents of the applicant and the guarantor (if any) (ID card, residential household registration booklet or KT3).
Legal proof of customers’ financial and business situations.
Application form, loan proposal, proof of income, other relevant documents required.
Documents related to security measures.


For further information, please directly contact us at 848-39143183 or approach any transaction point of SAIGONBANK network nationwide.