Card Overdraft Service

1.   Card overdraft service also known as personal consumer loan for SAIGONBANK card holders

This is seen as a premium service for customers who are already SAIGONBANK card holders. Given this service, SAIGONBANK grants loans to card holders to help them with flexibility in daily consumption and be proactive with their future plans.
Overdraft: SAIGONBANK allows customers to pay or withdraw the amount exceeding their account availability.
Overdraft limit: maximum amount exceeding the available balance allowed for payment or withdrawal.
Overdraft rate is also personal consumer credit rate as prescribed by SAIGONBANK in certain period.
Overdraft term: 45 days from the date of the first overdraft.

2.   Subject customers

Subject customers include Vietnamese individuals or foreigners eligibly living and working in Vietnam and
Must obtain permanent or temporarily long-term residential registration and
Must be entitled to stable income, ensuring solvency and
Must obtain valid labour contract and
Their income/ salary must be paid to bank accounts.
Customers who have been enjoying payroll service of SAIGONBANK will receive privileges to be entitled to our card overdraft facility. 

3.   Application files:

Application form for Overdraft (SAIGONBANK form – 01 copy)
Income certification (SAIGONBANK form – 01 copy)
Overdraft Agreement (SAIGONBANK form – 02 copies)
ID card/ passport (*)
Permanent or temporarily long-term residential registration booklet (KT3) (*)
Valid labour contract (*)
Salary statement for the latest 03 months.
(*) notarized copy of documents must be submitted or original copy of documents must be enclosed for collation.


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