MoneyGram Service

MoneyGram service is a fast, safe, reliable and convenient way to send or receive express money in just a few minutes.

Safe and reliable

Having owned an extensive network of agents which are all connected by computer system, MoneyGram will transfer money safely without any delay to your relatives. Thousands of people globally have already used the MoneyGram service, proving its complete reliability and security.

 Convenient and fast

MoneyGram is now available in 275,000 locations worldwide. Through MoneyGram service, your money is transferred immediately and usually reaches recipient within 10 minutes. The beneficiary can receive their funds immediately at no extra charge.


Customer can receive money immediately without having an account with SAIGONBANK or credit card.

 Procedures for Receive MoneyGram

Once informed of the reference number by the senders, recipients can go to any transaction points of SAIGONBANK network, bring along their identification (e.g. ID card, passport or documents with photo issued by a competent authority), then fill the reference number and necessary details in the MoneyGram Receive form to pick up their money. The recipients can receive funds immediately at no extra charge, in cash in foreign currency or in VND or deposit into their current account or savings account.

 Procedures for Send MoneyGram

If the remitters want to send express money overseas for diverse purposes allowed upon Viet Nam laws and regulations, they can come to any branches, present documents requested, pay transaction amount and fees. Remitters will be then provided with the reference number to inform the recipients overseas. Within minutes, beneficiaries in foreign countries will receive cash immediately.

Eligible purposes

For Vietnamese citizens:
paying overseas tuition fees, medical treatment fees for themselves or for their relatives.
paying charges, fees to partners in foreign countries.
covering expenses for their overseas trip (business trip, travelling, visiting).
covering allowances for their relatives living abroad.
for immigration settlement in another country.
For foreign individuals:
The foreign clients can transfer fund overseas from available funds in their own current accounts for personal purposes or.
The foreign clients can transfer the remaining balance overseas after their account closure upon their labour contract termination.



Contact :
Should you need any further information or support, kindly contact:
Trade Finance Department: 84-28-39143183 (Ext: 140 or 133 or 245)
Or the nearest branch of SAIGONBANK