Domestic Remittance

If you wish to transfer money to your relatives and friends, or pay your partners and suppliers anywhere and at any time in the territory of Vietnam, SAIGONBANK offers a convenient, fast and secure domestic remittance service to reach your complete satisfaction.

Intra-bank transfer

Incoming and outgoing express money transfer service available at all transaction points of SAIGONBANK network throughout Vietnam;
Transfer to clients’relatives and partners, who may be (or may be not) SAIGONBANK account holders, possibly made from clients’ current accounts or cash deposits at SAIGONBANK counter.

Inter-bank transfer

As any member of the national (State Bank of Vietnam) electronic inter-bank payment system, transfer to clients’relatives and partners who may be (or may be not) any bank account holders possibly made from clients’ current accounts or cash deposits at SAIGONBANK counter.


Domestic remittance service available at any branch of SAIGONBANK.
Domestic remittance service available to either SAIGONBANK account holders or non - account holders.
Remittance receipt available at any location (province, city, district, industrial zones etc) of Vietnam.
Domestic transfer made instantly, conveniently, safely and securely.
Online shopping and distant transactions available on Internet Banking platform.


Fulfilling relevant deposit form and sufficient cash amount if transfer made in cash, or ensure sufficient  balance of designated account for transferring and transaction fees.
Following information to be provided:
Beneficiary’s bank: Bank name, Branch name
Details of beneficiary:
As corporate: Full name and account number
As individual: Full name and account number (if transfer to the beneficiary’s account), or ID/passport number, date/ place of issue (if transfer to non-account holders), address and telephone number.

Service charge