Card Service


Nowadays, ATM/debit/credit cards have become familiar to everyone, especially for both enterprises and their employees. Possessing a card is an urgent need as well as offering diverse facilities to card holders.
Multifunction Cards of SAIGONBANK serve the following facilities:
Given our nationwide network of card acceptance consisting of about 14,000 ATMs and 77,000 POS, card holders will find it convenient to withdraw or to make payment of goods or services, obtain financial safety, and prevent themselves from counterfeit money or money below standard for circulation.
Card holders can obtain their salaries, bonuses and other incomes conveniently, rapidly and confidentially. Besides they are eligible to enjoy the daily interest from the outstanding card account balance.
Easy, simple and convenient procedure for card opening.
In addition to the basic functions of an ATM card including cash withdrawal, transfer, balance inquiry, statement of the 10 latest transactions, PIN changing, card holders can carry out various transactions via their cards from POS or ATM network as below:
Payment for goods .
Payment for utilities (electricity, water, phone, internet…).
Obtaining credit or purchasing prepaid card for mobile network services through SAIGONBANK TOPUP service,
Fast and convenient online shopping from e-commerce sites through SAIGONBANK online payment platform.
Other transactions and facilities of SMS banking, internet-banking.
Being eligible to an overdraft limit up to VND100,000,000 (relevant provisions of SAIGONBANK applicable).
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